our new look

new look collage youngs.jpg

A very big and special shout out to Caroline Radvansky, a graphic designer here in NYC, who helped us out with a bit of brand tailoring. And as always, everything from us is vegan, gluten-free and organic.

Since our launch of jarred dried goods over this past summer 2013, our line of products has not stopped growing. What started as a meeting of demand from customers "wanting to take something home," from our stand at the Hester Street Fair here in Manhattan has turned into a new branch of our business. With an awesome write up from Daily Candy back in September taking our orders to new levels, we realized we needed to pay more attention to our little jar babies.  

Caroline was able to keep our red, white and blue colors and original index card motif (which started as a way for us to save $ and print labels ourselves), reflecting where it all started. The label now incorporates recycle information for our jars, barcoding, facts about the history of the dish in America and a non-adhesive label using a rubber band instead of glue so that you can reuse our jar more easily! Keeping with our recognizably American, simple and "young" look, the new label is a bit more tailored and includes 100% shelf-ready information, so expect to see more of us in stores around the city!