Brooklyn Brewery


To celebrate the end of summer, NY Magazine  and Bedford + Bowery are hosting a day of food and beer at the Hester St Fair.

Brooklyn Brewery will be down at our Hester St fair location with

an open bar from 6:30-10pm!

In honor of the festivities, we have designed a menu to celebrate!

(which is of course vegan, gluten-free, and 100% American)


join us at our stand for:

barbequed mesquite-smoked squash

{cocoa + coffee baked beans, cornbread, pickled okra and coleslaw}


beer battered apples

{local NY state apples, ginger spiced VT maple syrup}

pb&j parfait

{raw peanuts, wine compote and peanut butter cream}

*proceeds from this dish benefiting No Kid Hungry this month 



See you Saturday!